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Mom Who Stays At Home

It was in the news a week or so ago, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since: is it harder to be a stay at home mom than it is to be a working mom? At this current stage, … Continue reading

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Project Simplify – Pantry and Fridge Results!

This challenge took me quite a bit of time to complete.  In order to really clean these areas, I first had to take everything out of them, then clean, discard, and finally organize the items on the shelves.  I was … Continue reading

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Project Simplify: Pantry & Fridge

Well, this is embarrassing.  I was thinking over the weekend how much my pantries need to be cleaned and wondered if that would be the next hot spot for Project Simplify.  Sure enough, on Monday morning the Simple Mom blog … Continue reading

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Pregnancy – Revisited

I can’t believe that I’m doing this again.  Seriously, evolution is strong.  Going through 9 months of being tired, a little nauseous, and then fat, fatter, and fattest doesn’t seem like something people would want to do more than once.  … Continue reading

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First Hair Cut

The long hair was cute until the curls created by the summer humidity turned into the stringy hair of autumn.  What can I say?  My hippie baby now has a hair cut and he even wears shoes.       … Continue reading

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The bOOb

I am happy (and sad) that at sixteen and a half months, Logan has decided to stop nursing.  It is one of those moments I’m sure I will have over and over – excited that my little boy is growing … Continue reading

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Our House Was Staged

We are on the road to selling our house.  It took us four months to get it ready for selling, because we are lazy, but it’s finally on the market.  And by on the market, I mean we put a … Continue reading

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