An Announcement! (and evidently my job history)

It’s been five years since I’ve had a ‘job’.  I am a stay at home mom, so I am definitely working, but I have not been contributing to the household financially.  I have been very happy with this arrangement, because I love being with my kids (most of the time), staying in my jammies all day, and not having to deal with a commute or structured work hours.

But now that my daughter is in preschool, and will be in Kindergarten in a couple years, my view is shifting.  I will have all day…. to do…. what?  Ok, to be honest I could fill my day with all kinds of fun activities – running, yoga, swimming, going shopping and out to lunch, or especially spending an obscene amount of time with my guilty pleasure – Facebook.   *Note – if this is my husband reading this, I am totally cooking and cleaning all day.

But there’s something inside of me that needs a change.  I need to feel useful.  I need to achieve.  I want to be successful.  I want to talk to adults again!

Looking back through my work history, I have always had somewhat flexible jobs.  Those that were not flexible lasted no longer than a year.  The standard 9-5 job does not work with my personality.  To say I do not like structure is an understatement.  As a teen, I was a lifeguard and worked on the city crew (both summer jobs), I worked for the tennis coach in college, but was able to choose the hours and days I would work.  I worked for my dad stocking Little Debbie for a season.  Moved to South Carolina to do some temp work, and eventually land a ‘real job’ in accounting (which only lasted a year, too much of the same!).  I then started working for a church directory company where I traveled to different places everyday to photograph families.  That was fun!

I moved back to Ohio and started a photography company in late 2002.  We specialized in School photos and Weddings, and over the course of eight years, I was able to build it into a nice little business.

Then my husband and I decided to have kids!  I realized quickly that I would not be able to run a full time business, and also be a full time mom, so I gave up the business.


Which leads me to this moment – I have become a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA!  Choosing this company was not random.  A seed was planted more than two years ago by Lisa Menning, which piqued my interest to do more research on doTERRA and find out what they were all about.   I love the products and I love what the company stands for.  Pure, safe, and effective essential oils, which are already helping me in several ways.  I love the idea of healthy, organic, and pure living.  Finding ways to help myself and others achieve healthy living through the use of these potent oils, without harmful or toxic chemicals is exactly the kind of company I want to be a part of.

Sharing doTERRA is a choice I have made, mainly because I get to set my own hours, to work as little or as much as I want to or am able to!

What does this mean?  Well, it means I will be sharing these oils with others.  I will be doing facebook parties and in home parties for those who are interested.  If I see a need, I will try to help you.  My intention is not to annoy you, or to make you scared to talk to me.  I am still me!  I am laid back and practical.  Your choices and decisions are yours and I will respect them.  But I will be here to help, if you choose.

Soon, I will be hosting a facebook party called Intro to Essential Oils.  You can be a part of it while wearing your pajamas and sitting on your couch!  If you are interested or curious, this will be a great place to start.  Also, there will be giveaways!!

I’m excited!  This is a new beginning for me, and a new journey!  I’m looking forward to increased happiness and healthiness for my family!

Thanks for reading friends – have a great day!

My site:

(Please note, you do not have to share doterra with others, many people simply enjoy the benefits of using the oils, without working it as a business).

*Photo credit: Jeannette Palsa


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