Coconut Bacon

Mmmmmm, bacon.

There is a new product out by Phoney Baloney, and it is delicious.  Coconut Bacon is everything you love about those crispy little parts of bacon that are greasy & salty.  I have eaten them in a few different ways:

1. Straight from the bag.  When I feel like a salty snack, I sit down to a few handfuls.  They are SUPER salty, so you really can’t eat a lot.

2. On pasta with olive oil and/or Earth Balance Buttery Spread.  This reminds me of a pasta dish I had in Rome many years ago called Spaghetti alla Carbonara.  I continuted to eat this dish every day until I ran out of cooked pasta.  Very Dangerous.

3. On top of my salad, like bacon bits, but much tastier.

The back of the bag suggests to use it in sandwiches such as a BLT or an Elvis (which is peanut butter, bananas, and bacon).  The pieces are kind of small to do this and I think they would fall out all over the place, but I may give it a try in the future.

Coconut Bacon is Vegan and Gluten Free.  It only hints at tasting like coconut, so unless you really hate or are sensitive to coconut, you aren’t going to be able to taste it.  It does contain soy, and half of your day’s serving of saturated fat and sodium.  But coconut is a good fat, right?  And there’s no cholesterol.  Plus, you don’t even have to kill Babe to eat this deliciousness.

I don’t really miss bacon, but I think I’ll keep this stuff around to dump on my food when it needs a little something extra.  And especially to make that Spaghetti alla Carbonara!

Purchased online at Spencer’s Market.

Coconut Bacon by Phoney Baloney

Coconut Bacon by Phoney Baloney

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