Annie’s Goddess Dressing

I have been discovering a lot of amazing products lately, so I’ve decided to share them with all of you, and I hope that you will share your favorite products with me.

This first one is a dressing.  I bought it to satisfy a recipe I was going to make, and also as motivation to eat more salad.  Well, it never made it into whatever recipe I was going to make with it, because I DUMPED it all over my veggies & salads, day after day, until it was all gone.  If you like hummus, you will probably like this dressing.  It has tahini, lemon juice, oil, and garlic as common ingredients.  I do notice the vinegar taste, so if you are not a fan, you may not enjoy it, but my husband doesn’t like vinegar, and he thought it was pretty great, too.

Plus, the goddess on the bottle and I have almost the same hair!

It’s vegan, organic, and has no artificial colors or preservatives.  It does contain soy and wheat & has a fair amount of fat.

What are your favorite salad dressings?

*Even if you aren’t vegan, many products can be ‘veganized’, so please share!



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