Project Simplify: Week 3

This week we are focusing on closets, drawers, counter tops, or wherever paper clutters up your work area.  I am going to focus on the hallway closet, and a few kitchen drawers which have become ‘junk drawers’.  If I don’t know what it is or where it goes, I put it in one of these drawers.  We also keep many instruction manuals in our bottom kitchen drawer, but I have a feeling we could throw some out because we no longer have the item it goes with.  The manuals we do need could be a lot more organized than they are now.  I may add additional areas if I have time, but for now, here are my three hot spots for the week.

Top drawer: no way to find what you’re looking for, if it’s even in here.

Hall Closet: overflowing bins with winter apparel, and I’m so lazy that I can’t even put the coats on hangers.

Bottom drawer: manuals, pieces of tile leftover from the kitchen remodel, and items that needed to be returned to Home Depot six months ago.

Click on the first photo and a slideshow will appear.

This project is from Simple Mom – it’s five weeks of de-cluttering and organizing the hot spots in your home.


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