Project Simplify: Pantry & Fridge

Well, this is embarrassing.  I was thinking over the weekend how much my pantries need to be cleaned and wondered if that would be the next hot spot for Project Simplify.  Sure enough, on Monday morning the Simple Mom blog told me it was.  I am glad these spots were chosen since they need cleaned more than any other area (besides the garage and basement), but it is embarrassing to take pictures and share them with everyone when you know you should have cleaned them months ago.

The problem with these areas is that they are heavily used.  It’s easy to just toss items in  haphazardly without caring where they land.  The food pantry started out very neat, but every time I come home with groceries, I just end up shoving the older products to the back to make room for the new.  The other panty is used to store cleaning products, disposable plates, bowls, and silverware, bibs, and bags, but I also keep the deep fryer and the bread maker in there.

I always struggle with the fridge.  Have you heard of counter depth refrigerators?  I never had before we bought this house.  The kitchen is big, but oddly shaped, so it made the most sense to get a counter depth fridge so that we had more room to walk between it and the island.  Instead of the refrigerator extending out past the cabinets, it is flush with them.  This makes it look really streamlined, but you have a couple less inches of depth inside.  Not a huge deal, but I’m finding I don’t do a very good job of organizing the contents of the fridge.  My husband will eventually look in there and sigh, and then he will rearrange everything.  I try to organize it the way it makes sense to me, and then he does it the way it makes sense to him.  I have to admit that his way is usually better organizationally, but then I’ll find my vegan stuff mixed in with the meat and dairy and that bothers me!

So, here they are, my three areas to work on this week.  I’m actually looking forward to it because I may find some food I didn’t remember I bought and I might be inspired to make some new recipes.  We’ll see!



















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2 Responses to Project Simplify: Pantry & Fridge

  1. If only my “Before” photos looked this good…

  2. Grandma Cindy says:

    I’ve been watching a few episodes of the Hoarders, so these pictures above look pretty damn good to me! No bugs, mold, food with 1999 outdates, mice or dead kittens. Yeah, pretty damn clean & organized, my dear!

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