Project Simplify: Kids Stuff – Results!

My kitchen eating area is clear, and my family room is organized!

This project was really easy for me, because I didn’t have to donate or throw anything out, due to the excuse that there’s another baby coming and he or she will obviously have to have ALL the toys that Logan has (plus their own).

I have a room in the basement full of baby gear and toys that Logan has grown out of or lost interest in.  I took the tent, basketball hoop, the car ramp, the orange bin full of toys, the train tracks, and I filled a box from the ‘toy box’ and took it all down to that basement room.

There are only about 6 toys in the toy box now, so when he opens it, he can see everything in there and can access it easily.  Before, he would have a hard time pulling out the toy he wanted because there were so many and they were all piled on top of each other.  I also went through all the books he has, and chose about 7 that he really likes and can stay focused on.  Not only does this system make it easier for him, it makes it less stressful for me, because I can easily find the toy or book I’m looking for.

What about the toys in the basement?  Well, I have a calendar set up to remind me to swap out the toys every two weeks.  This way, he will feel like he’s getting ‘new’ toys all the time, and it keeps his interest better than having all the toys available all the time.

I still feel like the room is cluttered, but I don’t think I can eliminate anything else.  And, I’m trying to enjoy it because I’m sure when all this toddler stuff is gone someday, I’ll feel a little sad that my babies have grown up.

Here are the results of my simplifying.  How did you do?

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