Pregnancy – Revisited

I can’t believe that I’m doing this again.  Seriously, evolution is strong.  Going through 9 months of being tired, a little nauseous, and then fat, fatter, and fattest doesn’t seem like something people would want to do more than once.  Not to mention labor and delivery – yikes.  Yet, the pull to have another child  was just too much to resist.

I am 15 weeks pregnant now, and officially finished my first trimester last week.  I suppose I am lucky.  My only symptoms were tiredness from weeks 5-10, and I was having smell aversions and was nauseous from about weeks 5-9.  But that was it really.  This time I could also feel my uterus expanding.  Not pleasant and a bit scary since the first trimester is the most likely time for miscarriage.  I’m also getting bigger a lot faster this time.  Although I am not gaining a lot of weight just yet, my belly has definitely made itself known.  I have definitely ‘popped’ over these past three weeks.

So, what will I do differently this time?

1. Being pregnant doesn’t mean the world becomes an all-I-can-eat buffet for 9 months.  The first time I got pregnant, I was already 20 pounds over where I wanted to be.  (Thanks, Lexapro.)  Anyway, I didn’t really worry about what I was eating because when you are pregnant, you can’t really tell that you are getting fat.  Your belly is getting big and it’s supposed to, but this also masks the fact that the rest of you may be getting big, too.  Once I had Logan, I came home and realized how fat I really was.  Let’s just say it took me a very long time to get back into non-maternity jeans. Am I going to eat more than usual? Of course. Am I going to be more aware of what I’m eating and how much? Definitely.

2. I’m going to do kegel exercises.  No one wants to pee their pants for a year after they give birth.  At least, I didn’t.  But that’s what happened to me.  Will kegels help?  I don’t know, but it can’t hurt to try. The lady on my yoga DVD seems convinced, so I will follow her lead.

3. I will be exercising.  I am doing yoga once a week at a studio and if I get too enormous, I will continue with some videos I have here at home.  I’m also having a summer baby this time, so I am hoping to swim when it gets nicer and also go on walks with Logan.  I didn’t do a whole lot when I was pregnant with Logan, and after I had him, I was so weak.  I was out of breath walking up a small incline.  Thinking about carrying around that heavy car seat with a baby in it is motivation enough.

4. I don’t care who delivers my baby.  OK, it has to be a doctor or midwife. And a good doctor or midwife.  But, after going through my entire 1st pregnancy with one doctor and then have her not be on call the weekend I went into labor, I am not too concerned.  Not only did I not have my doctor, but I had to go to a different hospital than I intended.  It all worked out in the end.

5. I may need an epidural.  My first labor was 16 hours of natural, excruciating pain.  I’m glad I did it, but I feel like it took everything out of me and destroyed my body in ways I couldn’t imagine.  Maybe my recovery would have taken just as long if I had drugs, but I think the extreme pain on top of it all just pushed me over the edge. However, I am worried that the drugs will affect me in ways I don’t like. I don’t want my brain to be all mushy, and my heart has been skipping and racing occasionally. I don’t want to take drugs that will make it worse and make me anxious the whole time.

6. I’m traveling and enjoying my last months with one child.  I know that in that last month, I’m going to be wishing for baby M to just get here already, but right now I’m trying to savor the moments I have with Logan.  I’m going to take advantage of everything I can do with him while he is still an only child. And we’re going places. We’re in Costa Rica right now visiting Mau’s family, we’re going to Florida in a couple months to visit my dad and Fran, and we’re going to visit my sister in Virginia in the summer. Because I know that once that baby is here, we’re not going to want to go anywhere for a long time!

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3 Responses to Pregnancy – Revisited

  1. zenmamajo says:

    11 weeks here…thanks for the kegal reminder (and 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand…*grin*)

  2. One more factor in your favor on the weight gain/loss with baby # 2 that I hadn’t thought of until I experienced it: you’re busy with Logan, your body has more strength from carrying him, and once Logan’s li’l sibling arrives, you’ll still be busy. The weight I couldn’t seem to lose for months after my firstborn was not a problem with the second baby — I was shocked to be back in pre-maternity jeans after just 10 days. Moms rarely sit down, and we forget what a weight workout that toddler is! And yes, savor and enjoy these days with Logan… The best part of the new baby will be watching your two children interact with each other. It’s amazing. ❤

  3. Debi Kuner says:

    Kegals are a good idea. I do them (when I remember) but I still on occasion pee my pants….just a little. I tripped down a curb one time and out it came….nice! As for an epidural…my pain with Katelyn was so extreme I HAD to have one. I was a much happier and could actually hold a conversation without swearing. It didn’t give me any brain fog….that came once I got home and had nothing to do with the drugs lol. As my doctor said “the first one paves the way” With Jacob my epidural was so strong I felt nothing and I mean nothing. I pushed (or coughed) him out in 15 minutes. I had a cold at the time so I was quite miserable! Do what ever you want….either way you will have a little baby in the end 🙂

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