Potty Time – Take 1

Something strange happened today.  I was reading a magazine and I heard my son say ‘pooped’.  I looked at him and asked, ‘you pooped’?  And he grabbed his diaper and said ‘poop’.  So, I took him to the bathroom to sit on his potty.

I’ve only put him on his little potty about five to ten times, and he has NEVER done anything while sitting on it.  The pediatrician told me at his eighteen month appointment to start getting him used to it, and to take him to the bathroom while I go and have him ‘just sit there’.  She said it doesn’t matter if he’s fully clothed or naked, it’s about the idea of it.  I take him in when I remember, which is not often.  I’ll bring him in, sit him down, and have him listen to me pee, even though I don’t have the appropriate parts to actually teach him how to do it.  He seems amused by the whole process.

I thought today might be some kind of break through.  After all, he alerted me that it was happening.  I stripped him down, and saw that he had only pooped a little in his diaper, and thought there was a chance this could be the day he poops in his potty.  Instead, he just took the potty chair apart, put his plastic baseball bat and golf club inside of it, and then tried to sit back down on it.  And then, he ran out of the bathroom naked.

I was finishing up my big presentation of number one, so it took me a few seconds to catch up with him.  And when I found him, I saw that he had peed on the kitchen floor and the bottom of the stove.  Like a dog.

Maybe this winter, I will get more motivated to do some real potty training with him.  The problem is, diapers are so damn easy.  I can let him pee to his heart’s content for three or four hours, and in a couple of minutes, he’s clean and dry again.  Disposable diapers have made it too easy for moms to be lazy.

In the meantime, I’ll keep watching for cues, and I’m sure I’ll know when he’s ready.  And then the real work will begin.

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4 Responses to Potty Time – Take 1

  1. kristiwright2002 says:

    this is one part of parenting that i will NEVER miss! good luck to you, it’s like my mom always said “they wont go to kindergarten in diapers”, i did however question this many times 😉

  2. Oh, you make me smile! I had some relatives who encouraged me to “start potty TRAINING!” by 12 months, but was lucky enough to have a pediatrician who assured me that it was as developmental as walking, to introduce the concept as you are, and that it would come when the kids were ready. It did. We used diapers until things were working well, and I never did “try to train.” Maybe I was lazy, maybe our pediatrician was right, but for whatever reason, it sure worked for me! I like that Logan is creative — doing dog tricks in the kitchen! : )

  3. I work/volunteer at a zoo AND have three kids. If it’s any comfort, I deal with equal amounts of pee/poop in either place. Hang in there! It will eventually happen.

  4. I say go for it 🙂
    It won’t get easier. Besides, right now, the mess is smaller than it will be later 🙂 LOL

    Good Luck!

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