18 Months

My baby boy is 18 months old today.  I have to say that these past six months have been a breeze compared to the first year.  It’s so much fun to have a walking, talking, interactive little companion.  We have been settling into our new home, and Lo seems to be happy here.  We have a big front and back yard, with lots of trees, sticks and rocks, and he loves to wander around. He loves playing in his sandbox, looking at illuminated clouds, and watching airplanes fly overhead.

Here are a few things he does that I think are noteworthy:

When he wants to go outside he says ‘walk’.

He will smell flowers and candles, but instead of breathing in, he sniffs out.

When he wants to get out of any seat or the tub, he will do the sign of putting his hands together then apart, and saying  mmmmm na (which means ‘all done’).

When someone is leaving or we are going somewhere he will wave and say ‘bye guys’.  (I guess that’s what I say?)

When someone is taking a picture he will look at the camera and say ‘cheese’.  I know this isn’t uncommon, but it surprised me when he did it b/c I don’t remember teaching him this.

When he is doing an activity, he will frequently say ‘wow, whoa, oh wow, or wheeeee’.  These were some of his first words.

He loves the TV show Ni Hao Kai Lan.  I think he wants to marry her.

He calls his blanket that abuela made him ‘kiki’.

He will imitate a lot of the words that I say and it’s amazing to see his vocabulary increase every day.  Words he can say (that I can remember) in no particular order are: sí, mama, dada, duck, hot, hat, star, boob, book, tickle, cookie, cracker, two, three, four, five, baby, stuck, night night, hi, bye, zoo, circle, car, wow, whoa, no, oh no, uh oh, kick, go, ball, weee, stick, tree, boat, purple, walk, & shoe.  Mau has been speaking to him in Spanish, so maybe some of the other words I don’t understand are Spanish words?

We just started a program at the Hudson Montessori school one hour a day/two days a week.  I get to be with him in the classroom and participate in his learning.  I decided I wanted to do it because we tend to get into a rut at home, and it’s going to be really boring in the winter months when we are stuck inside (especially since we now have no cable).  The Montessori classroom that he is in is full of educational tools that are fun & new to him.  Plus, I get to learn a lot of new ways to teach him.  I am not naturally a ‘teacher’, so I hope that it is beneficial to both of us.

Here are a few photos over the past month of LoMo.  He’ll be getting his hair cut soon.  I’m kind of sad about that, but I think he’s ready to look like a ‘big boy’.










Visiting the train of the Cuyahoga Scenic railroad in Peninsula.













At the Gorge Metro Park in Akron.












Looking at the Jellies at the Akron Zoo.












Eating Butter from the container.  Like father, like son.













First Day of School.  9.27.11












Going to school with Mom.








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  1. Grandma Cindy says:

    : )

  2. Love this post!!! I wish we’d had blogs back in the day when my kids were little. You are going to absolutely treasure these records of Logan’s development!

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