Our House Was Staged

We are on the road to selling our house.  It took us four months to get it ready for selling, because we are lazy, but it’s finally on the market.  And by on the market, I mean we put a For Sale By Owner sign in the yard.

In addition to paint touch ups, fixing things that should have been fixed years ago, and cleaning, you have to stage your house.  This will make people walk in and immediately want to buy it.  Just like on HGTV.

I am not good at having a ‘vision’ for rooms.  I am very basic and minimal when it comes to decorating, which is another way to say everything looks boring and unattractive.  Luckily, my husband came through with a little decorating sense.  He was able to take all these ugly objects I had purchased from Goodwill and Marshall’s and turn them into beautiful house decor.

For our first open house, everything looked beautiful.  Clean, crisp, refreshing.  But then I realized that we still had to ‘live’ in this staged house.  I figured that it would be easy.  I would just slightly move the staged items when I wanted to use our ugly toaster oven or needed to use my bathroom toiletries.  But it doesn’t quite work that way.  Our house was a mess again two hours after our open house.

Here’s what a pain in the ass it is to live in a staged house:

The bathroom:  when showering, a person typically uses soap, shampoo and a razor.  But none of those things are pleasant to the eye, so we have to keep them under the sink.  I wasn’t sure whether I should put them back under the sink when I was done showering or if I should leave them in the shower.  Surely someone will shower before we show the house again?  And of course, all the items that I use to beautify myself in the morning, like toothpaste and deodorant, have to stay in a nice little basket under the sink.

Our bedroom:  the pillows that we like to sleep on are comfortable but ugly.  So, we have to hide them in the guest bedroom and use firm, pretty pillows when we stage.  The fan has to go in the closet.  The clothes all need to be put away.  And we have to make the bed, which never happens otherwise.  What’s the point of making the bed anyway?  There’s no reason for it unless you’re trying to impress someone.

Logan’s Room:  make sure there’s no poop or other disgusting fluid on his bed sheets or changing pad.  Put his toys and books away.

Living & Dining Area: this place almost always looks like a disaster, because it’s where we are most of the time.  There are papers all over, dirty dishes, speaker wires, & mountains of toys.  The carpet is a mine field of crumbs from food Logan has been eating while roaming.

Kitchen:  It’s amazing how many dishes we go through.  Everything is a mess after I cook.  And Logan puts his hands all over the stainless steel.

Family room: this room stays pretty clean, except when Logan decides to dump a bag of rice.










Don’t worry, I threw the rice away.  I didn’t put it back in the bag to cook later.

Add to all of the above: vacuuming, sweeping, & wiping all surfaces.  It took me two hours to get the house back into shape for our second showing.

I think we’ll be moving soon, and then all this staging will stay in place.  I am hoping this will all be over soon!

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1 Response to Our House Was Staged

  1. Oh, the joys of “showing” a house. They tell you it’s so easy… just box up and either toss or give away anything you don’t want anymore, and immediately your house will be good to go. Hang a few inexpensive pieces of art on the wall, maybe give a room or two a fresh coat of paint, and voila! You’re staged. But then you eat. You use the bathroom. You wear clothes which then need to be washed. Everyone knows that there is NO ONE in the world who lives as messy as you do. Having bought, sold, and lived in leased houses that were for sale, and having done house hunting until I thought I should have a degree in it, I can assure you: I’m sorry. Living in a house on the market is not fun. Use paper plates, eat out, do the laundry daily, spend a lot of time away from home… Give up and move out. It’s so much easier. PS – I wonder how many moms would have saved that rice?

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