The Baby Bump

No, I’m not talking about the baby bump you have while you’re pregnant.  This is about the bump that you have long after the baby is out in the world.

Maybe when I was reading all my pregnancy books, I just ignored everything that was going to happen after giving birth.  I figured that I had enough to deal with going through the discomforts of pregnancy and dealing with how I was going to push this little human out of my body.  I didn’t give a whole lot of thought to all the bodily horrors I would experience after my uterus was vacated.

Case in point: my stomach.  I always used to have a relatively flat stomach.  My fat generally gets stored in my back side, so I never worried about it.  I had ab muscles.  And as you get fatter and fatter through pregnancy, your stomach stays kind of hard.  There is a baby in there, after all, taking up that space.  And that made me feel like, ok, my stomach is still fine, I can’t feel any fat.  But after the baby came out I was shocked.  I didn’t expect the disgusting slab of skin that was hanging from my body.  Mortifying.  What can you do but shove it into your pants and pretend it’s not there?

Now it’s a little over a year since I’ve given birth, and although my stomach went back to a pretty nice size, it is obvious that a baby used to live in there.  The skin got stretched out, and even though it keeps shrinking, it isn’t back to normal.  There’s always a little pooch, and after a big meal, I look approximately 15 weeks pregnant, in my opinion.

Could I pump up my fitness regime and eat less popcorn, peanut butter and chocolate?  Probably.  Will more time help my bump continue to go down in size?  I really don’t know.

What I do know is that I need Spanx, Body shapers, Control tops, whatever.  Give it to me.  My butt already sticks out, so I don’t need my belly sticking out the other way.

What’s your experience after having a baby?  Did you ever get your belly back?  Give me some inspiration!

And just for fun, I’ve included a photo of my (enormous) baby bump.  This is the day Logan was born – about an hour or so before the worst pain in the world!

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2 Responses to The Baby Bump

  1. Amy Cope says:

    Well Steph, after 2 kids….the second being 3 years old, I still find myself stuffing my belly in my pants and pretending it’s not there………and when I do eat too much, or days before the woman thing………I too look pregnant, only more like 9 MONTHS… when you figure it out…let me know too 😉

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