Ashley Was Here

My sister came for a visit this week.  It was great to have her and I was sad when she had to leave.  The first evening she was here she held up a toy, and prompted LoMo to walk across the room.  And he did!  We were very surprised since his walking before that was mainly just him taking a few steps and then going back into a crawl.  I suppose something just clicked for him at that moment, and he has favored walking since then (June 12).

It’s been a relaxing week – here are some photos.










Logan walking on the rubber ground at the park.  He’s a hippie, so he doesn’t wear shoes.










Ashley & LoMo, looking at an airplane.  Logan is obsessed with airplanes, and every time he sees one he points at it and says ‘Wow’.  Wow is also officially LoMo’s first word.












At the playground.  He loves playing on playground equipment even though it is extremely stressful for me, because he could fall and die at any moment, and he doesn’t even realize it.  He particularly enjoys crawling up the slide, and can do it himself.











Smiley at the park.  LoMo loves aunt Ash.

















Sweet moments.

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2 Responses to Ashley Was Here

  1. Jeannette Palsa says:

    Can’t believe he is old enough to walk already . . .where DOES the time go.

  2. Awww… Oh, how I wish I could go back and photograph & blog every single day of my kids’ young lives…

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