I Peed a Little

Ok, maybe more than a little.

Once you have a child, things can go a little haywire down there.  I had never thought about bladder leakage before I had a baby, and was wondering why there were pills for LBL, or light bladder leakage.  And why did people need depends?  I figured it was just because they got old.  Now I realize you don’t have to be old.  You just need to pop out a child.

During my postpartum checkup with my Ob-Gyn, she told me that I could experience light bladder leakage for three months.  She told me to do kegels.  She said to exercise.  I did those things.  But I still had LBL for six months.  Then it just sort of stopped after I had my annual exam.  Hmmmm.  Who knows what that was all about?  My guess is that I was sewed up wrong after giving birth.

I was happy, because I was finally free of peeing my pants at random times.  I could go about my life without wearing a pad and worrying if I would have an ‘accident’.   It was bliss.

Then a couple days ago, I was jogging down the hill near my house, which I have been doing for a couple weeks.  Everything was fine.  Then I felt it.  Dribble.  I thought it was strange, but figured if it happened a few times it wasn’t the end of the world.  But it kept happening.  Every time my foot kit the concrete, there was a little dribble, until I was about half way down the hill.  It’s a long hill.  Gross.

I ran the rest of the way to the park and back up the hill with no problem at all.  (Pushing Logan in a stroller, I have to add.)  I have no idea why I had dribbled, but I was happy to get home and change clothes.

Why am I writing this post?  Because I want to put it out there that these things happen, especially to new moms.  I think there’s nothing worse than having strange things happen to your body, AND to think that you are alone with your problem.  So, there it is… my sometimes embarrassing life.  You’ll have to excuse me now, I’m off to concentrate on my kegels.

I did not include a photo for this post.  You’re welcome.


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7 Responses to I Peed a Little

  1. kristiwright2002 says:

    so true and the fun only gets better with each child, lol!

  2. c-dub says:

    you are adorable, Jamal. I peed a little laughing at this post 🙂

  3. Krisann Lewis says:

    I heard the horror stories from my sister. If there was any silver lining to having a c-section, this is it!

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