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The Chicken Bus

There are many joys in Amish country, but the most fascinating sight I’ve seen there is The Chicken Bus.  The first time we drove by, I wasn’t expecting it, and so we went by kind of quick while I just … Continue reading

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The Baby Bump

No, I’m not talking about the baby bump you have while you’re pregnant.  This is about the bump that you have long after the baby is out in the world. Maybe when I was reading all my pregnancy books, I … Continue reading

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Easy Eggplant

I just made a quick and easy lunch, because quite frankly, who has patience to make a lunch that isn’t quick and easy? You will need an eggplant, olive oil, lemon or lime,  & salt and pepper. Slice the eggplant … Continue reading

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Ashley Was Here

My sister came for a visit this week.  It was great to have her and I was sad when she had to leave.  The first evening she was here she held up a toy, and prompted LoMo to walk across … Continue reading

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I Peed a Little

Ok, maybe more than a little. Once you have a child, things can go a little haywire down there.  I had never thought about bladder leakage before I had a baby, and was wondering why there were pills for LBL, … Continue reading

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Sleep, Interrupted

Oh, how I long for those sleepy mornings before I was a mom.  I was always a sleeper; I would sleep for 10-12 hours a night, easy.  In fact, if I don’t get 8-9 hours, I am extremely negative, cranky, … Continue reading

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