Thirteen Months

Child development is amazing, isn’t it?  The amount of skills that LoMo has learned in the past year have been amazing, but he’s really been impressing me this past month.  Each week, a website called babycenter tells us what he ‘should’ or ‘could’ be doing.  Sometimes we say, ‘oh, he’s been doing that for a while’.  Other times we say, ‘oh no, he’s not doing that yet’.  While I don’t get too worried about milestones being met exactly on time, it’s hard not to want your child ahead of the curve.

For those of you who don’t get to see Logan often enough, here is what he’s been mastering this past month.

1. Clapping.  Yes, I know, this was supposed to happen a long time ago.  But, he’s just doing it and it’s adorable.

2. Making animal sounds.  His favorite sound to imitate is ‘Moo’.  He’s really into animal books right now, and will grab them and start flipping through.  The book is usually upside down, but still…

3. Giving High Fives.  He learned this really fast.  And he does it every time we say ‘High Five’.

4. Walking a little.  Although he prefers to crawl around at lightning speeds and climb what he can.  He’s taken 8 steps at the most, but doesn’t seem that intent on making walking his primary mode of transportation.

5. Communication.  Though he can’t talk to us yet, there is some type of conversation taking place.  He will say something and we will say something back.  He points and makes noises for what he wants.  He knows when he does something bad because I change the tone of my voice.  He doesn’t care, but he knows.

6. Waving hello and goodbye.  On Cue.  Kind of.

7. He now has 12 teeth.  Not a skill, but an impressive amount of teeth for his age!

I’m really enjoying this age.  He’s a really happy kid, friendly with everyone, and I love that he is becoming more interactive with us.  A baby that starts out as this little, immobile, unresponsive blob has now become this real, expressive, playful, and amazing person!

Isn’t this the life?

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2 Responses to Thirteen Months

  1. Jeannette Palsa says:

    Just as you said . . . last picture says it all . . . enjoy!

  2. Caroline says:

    his hair seems to be getting much lighter!

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