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Saving Money on Kids Clothing

I am frugal.  I always want to find a great deal, and rarely pay retail for items that can be found second hand or ‘on sale’.  I have found that it actually hurts my insides when I know I’ve paid … Continue reading

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Thirteen Months

Child development is amazing, isn’t it?  The amount of skills that LoMo has learned in the past year have been amazing, but he’s really been impressing me this past month.  Each week, a website called babycenter tells us what he … Continue reading

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Oh, how this family loves hummus.  The first time I experienced it was in South Carolina after I graduated from college.  I was at a little coffee shop that also sold sandwiches, and I ordered a hummus sandwich.  I was … Continue reading

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My Go To Sandwich

I am currently coming off of a peanut butter eating binge, which has lasted for somewhere between six months and two years.  I was eating it at least four or five days a week:  on bread, as a sauce for … Continue reading

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