Logan 1 Year Photos

As a Photography Business owner who knows many photographers, you would think that I would be on top of getting Logan’s milestone photos taken.  I knew that his one year photos were very important, but I didn’t get anything set up right away.  I was pondering what type of setting I wanted to have them taken in, and decided on more formal studio shots.  We had already done a few sessions in our home and outside, and I plan to do a family shoot outside this summer.

I decided to ask my colleague, Jeannette Palsa, to do the photos.  She has a really cool studio in Cleveland Heights, with a lot of natural character.  She also has nice, sophisticated props, that you typically wouldn’t associate with children’s photography.

Here are a sampling of the photos she took, with my favorites being the two at the end.  I think they’re just adorable.

If you live in the Cleveland area, and are interested in photos for your child, children or family, Jeannette is happy to do them for you.  You can contact me and I will give her your info, or you can contact her directly at http://www.jpalsaphotography.com

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2 Responses to Logan 1 Year Photos

  1. Krisann Lewis says:

    Love these! He’s so happy!

  2. laura mooney says:

    He’s so grown up now! Thank you for sharing these photos and hope you are all doing well : )

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