New Year















What better day to start my blog than Logan’s 1st Birthday?  In many ways, this feels like the beginning of the year to me.  Spring is starting to show some promise, Mau and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary tomorrow & I celebrate my 34th birthday on Thursday.

So, what will this blog be about?  Well, a lot of it will probably be about my experiences as a mother and wife in my new role of ‘stay at home mom’.  I am trying to be more domestic, which I never had any interest in before having a child.  This past year I began learning how to cook, how to sew, and most importantly how to keep a small human alive.  I tend to be lazy and disorganized, so I want to write about my new interest to develop systems, organize & simplify.  I want to write about food, specifically my vegan diet vs. my husband’s love of meat and cheese.  And above all, our household is all about ‘finding a deal’, and we rarely pay full price for anything. I want to write about some of the tools we use to do this.

Given my photography background, I hope to add interesting photos to whatever I’m writing about.

The definitions say:

practical: 7.mindful of results, usefulness, advantages or disadvantages, etc., of action or procedure

RedHead: 1.  a person having red hair.
Sounds about right.
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1 Response to New Year

  1. Marcia D. Fruit says:

    LOVE your blog title; LOVE your first post. A new year, new beginnings. I shall follow you faithfully. You bring back wonderful, awesome, incredible memories of when I was a new mom… when I was 34 and had a 3 year-old boy toddler and a newborn daughter… Thank you for being there. I am honored to be among your followers.

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